Youth Ministry Team

At the start of every term the Youth Ministry team gets together. We debrief the term that’s gone and get ready for the one to come. It always involve food, laughter, fun and prayer. This year our theme has been taken form the Hobbit books (and movie) “An Unexpected Journey”

I Never promised you a Rose Garden

For those who are interested , last Sunday we played a rap song by Shad called Rose Garden.  It came from musing on why Mark sandwiches the story of the death of John the Baptist into the middle of the sending out of the disciple’s story in Mark 6. There was a sense that Mark wants us to eat a ‘reality sandwich, toR know that things don’t always go easy or the way we want.   He wasn’t promising us a Rose Garden. Listen to the song, and let the lyrics wash over you, and you’ll see what sticks. And for those who want to know what he said here are the lyrics : I didn’t promise you a rose…