ACTIV8 Dessert Dinner

Every year we put on our nice clothes and celebrate the year. 2016 was no different! We had what is fast becoming a tradition – a chocolate fountain, with amazingly good Belgian milk chocolate! With more dessert than we could possibly consume we were ready for a great night. Some of the awards were serious, and quite a few were just outright ridiculous.

ParkWhat? Celebration Dinner

Every year we get dressed up and have a great night celebrating the year. This year we jumped on board a double decker bus and headed for a restaurant.  The youth community has never looked so fine! Young men and women dressed for a night of celebration, great food and great company. Throughout the night we remembered some of the lighter moments of the year – from drinking too much milk (Nick) or trying to explain a complex situation by including chocolate (A.J.). There were the more serious moments recognising God’s work among the youth community throughout the year.

ACTIV8 Photo Find 2016

It seemed like a good idea to get 30+ young people together and ask then to take a series of rather random photos!  It wasn’t quite chaos, but it was chaotic. Check out a few of the images below. Well done ACTIV8 – it’s always a blast when we get together!