Life Group Bible Studies 2

The Character of Christ



This study helps us understand what kind of person Jesus really was. Not only did He demonstrate what God is like but He also showed us what a perfect Human being was like. Often we take this for granted but it is an important study because growing as a Disciple of Jesus means becoming like Him in our own Character.

How do these verses describe the goal of the Christian life?

1 Peter 2:21                  2 Corinthians 3:18                       Romans 8:28                     Colossians 1:28 

The Christian life is not difficult. It is impossible to live! Unless the Spirit of Jesus Christ changes and strengthens us. Below are some passages to help us understand the character of Jesus when he lived on earth approx 2000 years ago.

(It is suggested you examine the references in bold and look only at others as time and interest permits.)

  • JESUS CHRIST was Pure and Sinless

Were the followers of Christ, those closest to Him and who knew him best convinced of Christ’s sinlessness and perfection?

Acts 3:13-14                  1 Peter 2:22                   1 Peter 3:18                  Hebrews 4:15

  • JESUS CHRIST loved God the Father

How did Jesus demonstrate his Love for his Father?

John 14:31                                                  John 6:38                                    John 17:4 and 19:30.

  • JESUS CHRIST loved people

What kinds of people does Jesus show his love to?

Mark 10:13-16  P606                 Luke 19:10, 41-42                       Romans 5:8                     Ephesians 5:25

John 10:16                                 John 3:16                                    John 13:1, 34-35             John 15:13

What do these “Lost” stories tell us about the Saviour’s heart?

 Luke 15:4                                                         Luke 15:8-10                                         Luke 15:11-24-31

  • JESUS CHRIST was a Servant

How did Jesus display the qualities of a good servant?

Mark 10:45                                John 13:12-15                          Philippians 2:7              Matthew 20:28

  • JESUS CHRIST was Truthful

Why is Jesus’ truthfulness so important to us?

 John 3:3                  John 5:19, 24                  John 8:51                    John 14:6                          1 Peter 2:22                

  • JESUS CHRIST was Self Controlled(Disciplined)

Where do you see his self discipline here?

Matthew 4:1-4    Matthew 27: 14,        Matthew 26:67    Luke 22:4     1 Peter 2:23   Philippians 2:8       

  • JESUS CHRIST was Patient

In what circumstances did Jesus display patience?

Mark4:13                      Mark 10:35-40                                      Luke 22:32-34                                 John 2:4 

  • JESUS CHRIST was Joyful

Joy is not dependant upon circumstances. What brought Jesus Joy?

Luke 10:21                    John 15:11                                               John17:13                     Hebrews 12:2                                                                    

  • JESUS CHRIST was Compassionate and Kind

How does Jesus demonstrate compassion in these situations?

Matthew 9:36-38                               John 19:26-27                               Luke 5:13            

John 11:35                                         Mark 6:3                                      John 6:5                       

John 9:1-38                                        Matthew 20:32-33                        Mark 9:22-25                                                               

  • JESUS CHRIST was Meek

Meekness has been described as “Strength under control” Meekness shows itself in gentleness and tenderness toward others.

See Matthew 11:29. This is the only description Jesus personally gave of himself.  What can we learn from what He said about himself? Reflect on the following:

  • Who was speaking?
  • To whom?
  • To what end?
  • How might those listening understand him?
  • What impact does it have on your attitude to Jesus?

Explain your understanding of Matthew 12:20,21 in the light of Christ’s Meekness.

  • JESUS CHRIST was Humble

Jesus was both meek and humble according to Matthew 11:29.

How do these passages describe his humility? What do they tell us about Him?

John 13:4, 5                                                            Philippians 2:6-8                            I Peter 2:23 

Isaiah 53:7                                                        Luke 15:1-2                                                                              

  • JESUS CHRIST Forgave others

Luke 23:34                                                        Luke 17:4   


  • JESUS CHRIST was Prayerful

What can we learn about the prayer life of Jesus in the following?

Luke 6:12                                                    Mark 1:35                                Luke 22:39-45              

John 6:15.                                               John 11:41, 42.                        Luke 9:28                     

Luke 3:21                                                Matthew. 26:42                                    John 17:9, 20   

What does his over-all prayer life teach us about his dependence upon God the Father?


  1. Summarise in a sentence or two what you have observed about Jesus from this study. Has your understanding of him changed? How?
  2. How is Galatians 5:22-23 an encouragement to your own Character development?
  3. As you review these character qualities of Jesus where would you most like Him (by His Spirit) to help you in your character development?                                                                                                                                               DWB

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