Life Group Bible Studies 2

The Sinlessness of Christ

The Sinlessness of Christ


Introductory Comments

  • Because Jesus did not have a human father and was born of a virgin He was without original sin and therefore did not inherit a sin nature.
  • In this study we will see that Jesus lived His whole life without committing a single sin. He lived, died and returned to Heaven without any sin.
  • Jesus Christ was not a hybrid, half God and half man. He was true man and true God, without being a mixture of the two natures. (Philippians 2:6-11 – “laid aside”)
  • The two natures of the Saviour are separate and distinct in every respect.


How would you define “the Sinlessness of Christ” using the ideas from the following verses?

           Matthew 15:19        Hebrews 10:7        John 17:4      Hebrews 7:26      1Peter. 1:19

Sin is external (lying, stealing, murder) but it is also internal (thoughts, motives, attitudes etc). Jesus was sinless both externally and internally. He completely conformed to that which is good and holy at all times.


What do these passages tell us about the sinlessness of Christ?

  • From Birth: In Acts 4:27-30, the expression, “holy servant, Jesus” occurs ….. times?

From birth He was holy, pure, and sinless. Compare King David in Psalm 51:5 NLT.


  • From Demons: What is significant about the demons shouting in Mark 1:24 and Luke 4:34?


  • From the Bible: This is the strongest proof of the sinlessness of Christ. Summarise the key thoughts of these verses. Which verse impresses you most? Why?

I Peter 2:21, 22           II Corinthians 5:21                  Hebrews 4:15              I John 3:3,5


 What did these people have to say about Christ being sinless?

  • Jesus himself: John 8:46
  • Think about it!
  • Christ was the only man who could ever make that claim honestly after Adam’s fall.
  • Jesus never admitted a fault or ever asked for forgiveness of sins.
  • No evil, selfish, arrogant or impure thought was ever found in his perfect, holy mind.


  • Pontius Pilate:                        John 18:38 – what was his statement?
  • Pontius Pilate: Matthew 27:19 – what troubled her?
  • The thief on the cross:           Luke 23:41 – a hardened criminal.
  • Judas Iscariot:                        Matthew 27:4 – a disciple of Jesus during His earthly ministry.
  • The Roman Centurion:           Luke 23:47 – a hardened Roman soldier.
  • The Jewish High Council:  Matthew 26:59 – Jesus was crucified on false charges!


Why is Christ’s sinlessness so important for us 2000 years later?

  • Being sinless, He was the perfect revelation of God to mankind.
  • Being human and sinless guarantees a perfect mediator. It shows that He came right down to the level of man, of being temped and yet resisting and overcoming.
  • Being human and sinless He became an acceptable sacrifice on Calvary for our sins.
  • He set before us a perfect example to follow. I Peter. 2:21, 22.




  • What are three best verses you could use to support your understanding of the Sinlessness of Christ?
  • Let us thank God that Jesus came without original sin and went back to heaven sinless. He lived a life of absolute moral purity and perfection.
  • How does the fact of Jesus being sinless affect you today?



For Further Discussion (If time)

  • Name five witnesses to Christ’s sinlessness and their brief testimony.
  • Is Jesus the only perfect Being that was ever tempted? Who else?
  • What are three outcomes of Christ being sinless.
  • Would you define sinlessness as “Complete conformity to the Will of God”?

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