Life Group Bible Studies

We are always keen for people to explore issues and pay attention to what the Bible has to say. As part of that we’re posting some small group studies that invite you to work through some biblical topics. Each link takes you to a PDF you can click on or download.

Curious – A reflection on being an ambassador & Neighbouring well.

I am : The vine

I am : The way, the truth and the life

I am : Jesus is the resurrection and the life 

I am : Jesus is the Good Shepherd 

I Am : Jesus is the door 

I Am : Jesus is the light of the world 

I Am : Jesus is the Bread of Life

Being a Follower of Jesus

What is a Follower of Jesus

Biblical Giving 1 (Tithing and Old Testament Passages)

Biblical Giving 2 (Jesus and the gospels)

Biblical Giving 3 (Paul and the epistles)

Listening to God