Parklands in Red

As a country we are now in phase 3. Our national Covid-19 numbers are high and as a church we’ve decided to move to meeting in smaller groups, specifically homes that will host smaller gatherings. We think this reduces the possibility of mass spreading covid-19 and helps reduces numbers of contacts. What that means it is we will film the service and stream it. If you’d live to come to church, we’d love to invite you to one of our homes. Flick us an email at The hot drinks, conversation and prayer if you’d like it will be good.  We’ll still stream the modified service on facebook.  

Christmas 2021 plans

You are welcome to join us at our Christmas eve or Christmas Day service this Christmas. No service on Boxing day…

January Services

Well we’re in the foyer of our refurbished building.  We gather at 10:30 on Sunday mornings.  It’s kind of stunning for us, but there is still a lot to do. We’ve jury rigged a rough sound system and found a bunch of chairs, but we’re kind of camping while we get all our ducks in a line for using the rest of the building. There’s a fair amount to do. What that means is that we’re not yet recording our services the way we used to, so no podcasts, and no live streaming right now. We hope to get that sorted by February, along with a loooong list of other changes. It’s great to have a building and to get…

What did you get for Christmas?

Merry Christmas, Don’t know what you got for Christmas, but we got a new/refurbished building. Planning an opening in February, but we had our first service in our foyer on Christmas day. (Can you spot a surprise guest).No service on the 27th (taking a break), back on the 3rd.

Welcome to Level 1

We’re thrilled to be here.  Our national game of Whack-a-mole continues with Covid, so there will continue to be a possibility of tripping back up the levels. Have you got a few masks (Don’t for get you can get them from our church – part of our fundraising for our re-build)? In the meantime, lets keep washing our hands and logging in the covid app, in case the virus appears in Christchurch.  It’s not about fear, but care for others. We know this virus is pretty hard on the elderly and the poor.  So even if you think you are invunerable, good practise makes it less likely that you will pass it on to others. We’re back to being able…

We’re still meeting on Sundays in Level 2

You’d be welcome to join us on Sundays at the Queenspark Primary School hall at 10:30. Level two means we’ve stripped back some of our extras, so sadly no tea or coffee, no chocolates and we encourage people to physically distance.   Here’s a short Vid explaining that We’re still seeking to load up livestreams of services/messages, but are having some technology issues.  

Reopening – This Sunday

Good news. This coming sunday (7th) Parklands Baptist Community Church will be able to meet in the Queenspark school hall. We’ll be following guidelines, with physical distancing, no passing of material from person to person, sign-in contact tracing and liberal amounts of disinfectant being applied (but not to people) after our service. While I’m sad to say we won’t be serving tea and coffee, there is nothing to stop people heading out for a cuppa with others. We’re looking forward to meeting together. For those who can’t (or feel nervous) we’ll attempt to live stream our gathering – but please be forgiving as there are more than a few technical hurdles to leap.