Like any organisation we have a growing raft of policies to try to ensure appropriate and safe conduct.  We suspect that they are read as often as the terms and conditions of most software installations.  So this page is a very rough summary of some of them.

Privacy : As a community we do collect (with permission) people’s names and contact details so that we can contact them. We don’t reveal that information to anyone else, except with permission in local community address book. That never goes public  to the internet. If you contact us asking for someone’s contact details, we’re willing to contact them with your contact details, but we won’t pass their details directly to you.

Social Media : We won’t post anyone’s details on social media without permission.

Images : We do occasionally take photos of public event’s. If you are unhappy with an image we’ve posted, please contact us via email or phone explain and we’ll take appropriate action.

Dinosaurs : We have no dinosaur policy.