ACTIV8 Dessert Dinner

Every year we put on our nice clothes and celebrate the year. 2016 was no different! We had what is fast becoming a tradition – a chocolate fountain, with amazingly good Belgian milk chocolate! With more dessert than we could possibly consume we were ready for a great night. Some of the awards were serious, and quite a few were just outright ridiculous.

ACTIV8 Photo Find 2016

It seemed like a good idea to get 30+ young people together and ask then to take a series of rather random photos!  It wasn’t quite chaos, but it was chaotic. Check out a few of the images below. Well done ACTIV8 – it’s always a blast when we get together!

Youth Ministry Appreciation Afternoon Tea

Youth Ministry doesn’t just happen!  It takes a whole team… not just our awesome leaders but people who pray, feed, drive and do all manner of things to help make Youth Ministry happen. Annette and I have always counted it a privilege to work with such an awesome team. So to say thank you we put on an Afternoon Tea. Twenty years of working in her parents restaurant, has meant Annette loves hospitality and knows how to make some pretty awesome food! It was great to able to host the wider Youth Ministry team and enjoy good food and good company. Thanks again for all the many things that you guys do in helping make the Youth Ministry at Parklands Baptist…

Youth Ministry Team

At the start of every term the Youth Ministry team gets together. We debrief the term that’s gone and get ready for the one to come. It always involve food, laughter, fun and prayer. This year our theme has been taken form the Hobbit books (and movie) “An Unexpected Journey”

ACTIV8 Photo of the Week

PIZZA Night…..over 30 young people making pizzas and of course eating them. Great work team and great patience as we rotated in and out of the kitchen.  I never knew that Baked Beans was an option for a pizza topping! 


Ok ACTIV8 peeps…..AMPED Camp is happening at the end of the term.

ACTIV8 Picture of the Week

It’s crazy to think we are already three events into the term!!  Friday night was a blast with 36 young people cramming into cars and racing around the neighbourhood to see who made the best hot chips!!  That’s right it was our infamous “HOT CHIP HUNT”, it’s amazing how much salt and grease a young person can eat!!  By the time we returned to church some were already done and had chips to spare!!

ACTIV8 Term Three Begins

ACTIV8 is back this week!  We are starting with what is a simple night of ‘Hide n Seek’…except we will do it in the dark!!  So if your are Year 7 or 8 come on down to 180 Queenspark Drive this Friday at 7:00pm and be ready to have some fun.  

ACTIV8 Photo of the Week

As the term draws to an end we had our regular event we call…”Nothin Much”. It’s just a chance to hang out and build relationship with each other and have some simple fun. It can be anything from some good old Robo-Jam on the now ancient PS2, playing cards…or making pikelets…the whole idea is to do ‘Nothin Much’ and enjoy each others company.

ACTIV8 Picture of the Week

Small Group time at ACTIV8 on Friday….discussing Social Media and tips for keeping it real. Digital Technology is a reality in the lives of our young people and it was great to see ACTIV8 grappling with how to keep it positive and keeping ourselves safe.  Remember…..”I didn’t steal his shoes.”