ParkWhat? Celebration Dinner

Every year we get dressed up and have a great night celebrating the year. This year we jumped on board a double decker bus and headed for a restaurant.  The youth community has never looked so fine! Young men and women dressed for a night of celebration, great food and great company. Throughout the night we remembered some of the lighter moments of the year – from drinking too much milk (Nick) or trying to explain a complex situation by including chocolate (A.J.). There were the more serious moments recognising God’s work among the youth community throughout the year.

Youth Ministry Appreciation Afternoon Tea

Youth Ministry doesn’t just happen!  It takes a whole team… not just our awesome leaders but people who pray, feed, drive and do all manner of things to help make Youth Ministry happen. Annette and I have always counted it a privilege to work with such an awesome team. So to say thank you we put on an Afternoon Tea. Twenty years of working in her parents restaurant, has meant Annette loves hospitality and knows how to make some pretty awesome food! It was great to able to host the wider Youth Ministry team and enjoy good food and good company. Thanks again for all the many things that you guys do in helping make the Youth Ministry at Parklands Baptist…

Youth Ministry Team

At the start of every term the Youth Ministry team gets together. We debrief the term that’s gone and get ready for the one to come. It always involve food, laughter, fun and prayer. This year our theme has been taken form the Hobbit books (and movie) “An Unexpected Journey”

ParkWHAT? Unplugged 2016

Last year we had our first ever Unplugged Camp – a chance to get away and spend some time getting to know God – using different Spiritual Disciplines.  This year we didn’t get away, but stayed put at church and committed to digging deeper into the riches of God. It is always amazing and encouraging to see young people seeking God an in such ways as stillness, confession, solitude and silence.

ParkWHAT? – 40 Hour Famine

The Challenge was to live out of a backpack for 40 hours….what the 14 girls that came didn’t realise was that they would also walk the equivalent of a half marathon…with all their gear! This year World Vision  40 Hour Famine turned its attention to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Our goal was to raise was to raise $2500 so that World Vision could resource an entire class room! It was ambitious and we gave it our all.