Children and Families

Parklands as a subCf2urb is heavily focused on children and families. As a church we have two full Primary Schools within 1.2k’s of church with close to 1,000 children attending! Our Childrens and Families team run a wide variety of programmes and services for families in the area.

We have dedicated teams on Sunday Morning working with children form the ages of 2 years to Year 6. We have a dedicated creche for parents of younger children, but are quite happy to have them in our services too! Family friendly means that we desire that parents are supported and children are valued. Anita heads up a great team that not only looks after the early spiritual development of the youngest members of our community but also provides some amazing programmes that serve our local community.

For more details check out how the Queenspark Community Trust is partnering with us to serve families in our area.