Children and Families

Parklands as a subCf2urb is heavily focused on children and families. As a church we have two full Primary Schools within 1.2k’s of church with close to 1,000 children attending.


We have all children in at the start of our service to share in a song or two and the family time. We love including them in the family time, celebrating important events in their lives with the wider church family. Not long after family time the children and intermediates are able to leave the main service and go out to their own programme.

For more details check out how the Queenspark Community Trust is partnering with us to serve families in our area, check out their website here or look under the Community Tab. They have activities for pre-schoolers and older children such as Move and Groove and Movie Nights.  Parklands Baptist also has activities such as Impact for years 7 & 8, so check that out under Youth.