Liz Dommisse

liz400Liz is the face you will probably see first if you visit church during the week.

Liz has been in the office since just after Noah stepped off the Ark! Seriously though if Liz can’t point you in the right direction or answer your question then we have a big problem. Liz takes all the bookings for the complex and is the main point of contact for many of the community groups that use Parklands Baptist during the week.

Liz started at PBCC when the newsletter was typed up on an actual typewriter, so things have changed a lot since then. Now its a digital world and Liz still gets the newsletter out, but know its colour printed, scanned and emailed. If you would like to be on the list let Liz know.  Really if you have any questions, Liz is the one to ask!

She has a couple of granddaughters who keep her laughing.