Following Jesus : The Call : Come and follow me.

  Small group Notes  Watch the video “How to age Gracefully” What advice would you give to someone who is a couple of years younger than you ?  Share your advice with each other – have some fun with it. It was the 10 year anniversary of the christchurch earthquake last week. Share a memory or two. If you had to give advice to yourself back then, what would you say ? One more story : We read a bit of “The Rabbit Listened” where Taylor builds a block tower and it’s knocked down.  What would you say to taylor when his blocks are knocked down ?  We’re going to pay attention to Peter.  Young Peter is a professional fisherman.…

Remembering the earthquakes

It’s been 10 years since the christchurch earthquakes plagued us. Last year was notable in that we moved out of our earthquake damaged building and this year we’re moving back in. While we did so, we found this memorial

Midweek update and coloring in page

Hey Parklands peeps,    Won’t be meeting this Sunday physically. There’s a few details to be worked through. We’re planning to get our ducks lined up for the 7th, more details to come. Here’s Colin saying that. And here’s a colouring page for Pentecost  

Sunday 24th May Streamed service

This week we’re breaking with our (recent tradition). We’re going to try not pre-recording the Lead prayer at the start, and the family time. We’ll live stream them from our Zoom and upload them later. So If you’re checking this out before they are up  you’ll only see a message and some songs. However the message has been pre-recorded. This week we were reading from Exodus 25:1-9 and Exodus 31:1-11 (Hold your mouse over them to read them.  I thought I’d ask our building team to reflect on reading them; Some Songs for singing together Life Group/Bubble Study Notes Read – Exodus 25:1–9 and 31:1–11 (Click on this link for a 1 page PDF copy) Humans love building stuff.  Did…

03 May Parklands@Home service

Gidday and welcome to Parklands This time the video of the service comes as one video. We met before the service for a hot drink on Zoom (each in our own houses/bubbles) and at the end of the video we broke up into Zoom groups to further catch up and to offer  the chance for people to pray together. Some links to songs you might want to sing along to.   This weeks Daily Reading from Exodus God provides Week 3 Exodus 16:1-26 Monday 4th May Exodus 15:22–27   Tuesday 5th May Exodus 16:1–36   Wednesday 6th May Exodus 17:1–7   Thursday 7th May Exodus 17:8–16   Friday 8th May Exodus 18:1–12   Saturday 9th May Exodus 18:13–27   Small…