Focus Webinars

We’ll be planning to host the Carey webinars for our church members.  Just wanted us to have the schedule online. 

1 4 March 2020
Focus on Apologetics: Contemporary Apologetics in a Post Christian Society
Lecturer: Mark Powell
2 1 April 2020
Focus on Mission: Hosts and guests in mission and community
Lecturer: Dr George Wieland
3 6 May 2020
Focus on Anthropology: What Does it Mean to be Human?
Lecturer: Dr Christa McKirland
4 3 June 2020
Focus on History: Back to the future: what our past can teach us about church renewal today
Lecturer: Dr John Tucker
5 1 July 2020
Focus on Te Ao Māori: Pōwhiri
Lecturer: Lorraine Taogaga
6 5 August 2020
Focus on Forgiveness: Exploring the what and how of forgiveness especially in the light of life’s big issues
Lecturer: Dr Phil Halstead
7 2 September 2020
Focus on New Testament: The Book of Revelation
Lecturer: Andrew Picard
8 7 October 2020
Focus on Christology: What’s so Special about Jesus?
Lecturer: Dr Christa McKirland