Prayer Books – Using other peoples words to get you started

There’s a bunch of Christians who are quite anti using prayer books. The best prayers are from the heart they think to themselves, and so they are cautious of other peoples words. There are other poeple who find that  other peoples carefully thought words are sparks that ignite our prayers.  If that’s you there’s a couple of great websites to spark your prayer life.

The Irish Jesuits & The Ignatians have a lovely site for daily prayers called

                  Sacred Space Your daily prayer online                

If you prefer an audio led prayer you can sign up for a podcast led prayer at Pray-as-you-go.

They both have App’s for mobile devices.

Colin quite likes to use the prayer book for ordinary radicals. He bought the book, but there’s an online version. Many of the one line prayers on the bottom of our website come from there.

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