Hope – waiting for the “Not yet”

Everyone hopes. It’s a looking forward to something, or someone.  It’s the possibility of change for the better.  In the midst of brokeness and pain we hope for something better.  Kids find it natural to hope. As adults, most us have tempered our hope against our experiences of life.

It’s truly human to hope, but the Bible tells us that it’s not only humans that hope. The Bibles outlook is that creation is looking forward to a change, longing for better.


Check out the Bible

projects video on hope.


(Anne Weems, Kneeling in Bethlehem)
Is it all sewn up-my life? 
Is it at this point so predictable, so orderly, so neat, so arranged, so right, 
that I don’t have time or space
for listening for the rustle of angels’ wings
or running to stables to see a baby ?

 Could this be what he meant when he said
Listen, those who have ears to hear. ..
Look, those who have eyes to see? 
O God, give me the humbleness of those shepherds who saw
in the cold December darkness
the Coming of Light
the Advent of Love!

So what are you hoping for ?

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