Following Jesus in a fragmented world : Suggested Meeting format

Meeting format

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Step 1 : Open by praying together.

Step 2: Get someone to read the passage aloud
Don’t read in a rush, take your time. Pause at the full stops.
When the reading is done, sit still for a minute before the next step

Step 3 Questions and Phrases
If a word or phrase stood out to you when the passage was being read-share the word or phrase (but don’t explain).
If you have a question that has come up, share that question. As people share their questions get someone to note them down, but don’t answer them yet.

Step 4 : Get someone to read the passage again.

Step 5 : Discussion
Start a discussion of what you think you understand the passage to be saying and what you would love to know (the questions). Make sure everyone has a say and that you are actively listening to what other people are saying. Explore the questions and phrases, but you don’ have to answer all of them.
If as a group you run out , there is a page of comments and questions for each passage on the next page.

Step 5 : What connections does this make to your life ?
Now consider the week that has been, and the week that is to come. Does anything look different in the light of what you have talked about and read Can you see any connections ? Is there anything you think you might be being prompted to do ?

Step 6 : Pray for each other.

Step 7: Entirely Optional Homework
A really worthwhile exercise is to try writing what Paul has said in your own language. If you have time do this during the week. Don’t try to say everything Peter says, but write what you would say in your own words. If you did it for next weeks exercise, you could share it together.

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