Following Jesus in a fragmented world Week 1 (1 Peter 1:1-12)

Discussion Notes

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Peter writes to a wide variety of people across a series of different places. He doesn’t focus on their age, class, race or background, but on that they are both chosen and exiled (scattered). In a land that is not their own, Peter wants to encourage them of their real identity and their home in Jesus. What are the words and phrases of Identity that Peter uses. 

In what parts of your life do you feel chosen ? In what parts do you feel scattered ?

Who are the people who mentor and encourage you in your faith ? Who do you look up to ?

What tensions do you feel between living in this world, and feeling called to follow Jesus ? Where do they bubble up ? How do you respond ?

Peter sees suffering as being important.  He sandwiches it between praise and glory and claims that it refines our faith. It “im-proves” us.  Does that relate to your own suffering ? If so how ? 

Peter also points out the prophets who came before, and the angels who stand outside of time.  He’s reminding them, that their faith stretches further than their lives as ours does.  Just as the prophets lived investing their lives for generations to come, so should we ? What might that look like ? What kind of legacy would you like to have ?

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