Sunday 19th April Service

An Intro Kim leads us in Prayer Morgan leads family time Phil and Isaac have an all age Exodus related song for us  A message/reflection from Exodus 3 from Colin Click here for notes and discussion questions for the message This weeks reading Schedule 1st week scheme for Exodus Hearing God’s Call Week 1 Exodus 3:1-17 Monday 20th April 1:1–22 Tuesday 21st April 2:1–25 Wednesday 22rd April 3:1 – 4:17 Thursday 23th April 4:18–31 Friday 24th April 5:1–21 Saturday 25th April 5:22 – 7:7  Here are some Bubble discussion notes Week 1 : Responding to God’s CallSome prompts for small group/Bubble discussion after reading Exodus 3:1-17 together. 1 ) Curiosity – Moses has this encounter because he first notices and then is…

Easter Friday 2020

Click on the Red Heading (or the crosses) and this will take you to a page of links to material for an Easter Friday service