Appy Prayer

There are some helpful phone apps that are designed to prompt you for daily prayer. Three of note are Lectio365 , BiOY (Bible in one Year) and Pray as you Go Each has a daily set of readings and prayer prompts, each can read the prayer to you, each provides space for you. Check them out.

Faith and Belief in New Zealand

The Wilberforce foundation has just published a report exploring Faith and Belief in New Zealand. It’s a survey of about a 1000 kiwis and some focus groups. It’s a fascinating read.

Reading the Bible

The best way to read the Bible is slowly. Make time. Don’t dash it down like a fast food meal. Savour it. There are some books that are great at helping you make sense of it. How to read the Bible Book by book is a classic text that can really help Want to read the bible in one year ? Holy Trinity Brompton have created an app that gives you readings and some commentary, you can read them, or have them read to you. You can also have a daily email sent to you if the app doesnt suit. You’ll find it here The Bible Project is producing wonderful videos and posters that help you make sense of the…

Simple September – Stuff (Alias Talk like a pirate day)

  [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]   Try this: pirate whispers with 3 verses Heb 13:5, Prov 21:6,Matthew 6:19. Try it in your small group. (Get someone to look up the verse, get them to whisper it to another person and so on, until it reaches the end, then get the last person to say it aloud). 15 “You shall not steal. Exodus 20:15 (NIV) Discuss: Did you ever steal as a kid ? Would you shoplift a DVD ? Have you ever ? Ripped Cd’s onto MP3 Used photo’s used without permission Run file sharing software Watched pirated DVD’s, downloaded, or streamed a movie that you didn’t pay for ? Downloaded your favourite TV program Taped your favourite LP onto a cassette…

Technology and families

Parents often have a love and hate relationship with technology. It allows our kids to do so much, and it allows our kids to do so much. We often have a sense that it gives with one hand and takes with another. Annie Voscamp has written a short piece that was prompted by reading Andy Crouches new book about technology and families. I reckon it is worth a read.

Prayer Books – Using other peoples words to get you started

There’s a bunch of Christians who are quite anti using prayer books. The best prayers are from the heart they think to themselves, and so they are cautious of other peoples words. There are other poeple who find that  other peoples carefully thought words are sparks that ignite our prayers.  If that’s you there’s a couple of great websites to spark your prayer life. The Irish Jesuits & The Ignatians have a lovely site for daily prayers called                   Sacred Space Your daily prayer online                 If you prefer an audio led prayer you can sign up for a podcast led prayer at Pray-as-you-go. They both have App’s for mobile…

The QWERTY prayer – (at work)

The QWERTY Prayer  is based on the familiar qwerty keyboard layout. Q = Quiet. Take a moment to qui- eten yourself. Sit in a comfortable position and take three deep breaths focusing on the movement of air in and out of your body. In this quite moment invite God to be with you and guide you. W = Work. Begin by praying about your work overall. Thank God for your work and ask him to bless and guide what you do. Express your concerns about your work and ask for any help you need. E = Employees. Think about the people involved: colleagues and clients. What can you pray about regarding them? Who are you concerned about and what are their needs? R =…

The Examine (Self Reflection)

When it comes to praying, you are smart to not get too worried about denominational boundaries. Learn from those who know lots and practise prayer a lot. The Ignatians have a lovely way of praying and self reflecting – They call it the daily Examin and have posted a set of Flash Flip books to try out.  Why don’t you take 5 minutes (or more) and try praying one of these : Gratitude, Naming the Grace, Praise, Reverence & Service or Choose Life.  If you’d prefer a Video led version a group of youth workers got together and put up this Video Examin prayer.  

Six Step Process for Healing Confession

John Ortberg in his book the Life You’ve Always Wanted breaks up the process of confession into a six step process. First step – preparation. We begin by placing ourselves in the care of the Spirit and asking for help.  Key point – to see sin as God sees it (agree with God ) involves the Holy Spirit – it involves taking time to be still and let the Holy Spirit show us the parts of us that God wants to work on at the moment.  We tend to be too hard or too soft on our sin so we need the Holy Spirit to show us the sin from Gods perspective.  We need the Holy Spirit to have a…