“Do what I …” (p2)

Do what I (p2) do – Making do 

Luke 4:31-5:11

  • Last week Jesus read from the book of Isaiah Luke4:18-19 and declared that he was about freedom for captives and the time of the lord’s favour. This week we watch to see how he lives and how his life stacks up with what he has said. Lurking the background for all of us is the unspoken question “How do our lives line up with what we say?”.
  • We watched a clip from youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69hsVuxa3Jk of a bike owner confronting someone who was riding a stolen bike.
  • How would you respond if this was you (the owner)?
  • How do you reckon he did ?

Background Information

  • In western culture we are used to pill to fix things, or operations as solutions to health problems. 
  • In Jesus’ day there’ weren’t a lot of pills and most operations would kill you.  
  • Here is a prescription given to Aelius Aristides

Go and bath in a churning ice river in the middle of winter and pour mud on yourself and then go and sit in the temple courtyard. Walk barefoot throughout winter and be regularly bled.

So imagine your medical complaints, whatever they were and imagine that you treated them like this ? How would it be ?

Confidence and Clout

The first story starts with Luke 4:31-37 and seems to be directed at authority. What confidence, authority, clout does Jesus have?   It’s an encounter with a impure spirit (a demon) in, of all places, a synagogue.   what is most striking for 1st century listeners is the clarity and confidence of Jesus. There’s no rigmarole or fussing around. This is not the image Hollywood gives us. Notice the passage starts with people remarking on Jesus’ authority, and ends with it.


Luke 4:38-41 Staying at simon’s  house, his mother in law is sick and he prays for her and heals her.  Once again no pills and rigmarole. Luke then highlights how this gets extended into people coming from all over to be healed and returns to the authority theme.

Making Do and Making disciples.

Read Luke 5:1-11 – imagine yourself there. We see Jesus making do , by taking the boats as a temporary speaking platform, but still with an eye out for making disciples. 

Questions for discussion

Both Simon’s mother in law and the spirit possessed man were interruptions. How have you been responding lately when you have been interrupted ? Why ? 

How kind or compassionate have you been when you are interrupted ? 

When was the last time you prayed for someone ?

The bible is not itching to answer all of our questions about spirits. Where have you had encounters (or not). How can we hold to Jesus’ same confidence, knowing we have the clout of the Holy One of God backing us ?

Where are you having to make do ?

What conversations have you had this week that are about following Jesus (making disciples)

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