Following Jesus in a fragmented world Week 1 (1 Peter 1:1-12)

Discussion Notes Click on me for PDF for small groups Peter writes to a wide variety of people across a series of different places. He doesn’t focus on their age, class, race or background, but on that they are both chosen and exiled (scattered). In a land that is not their own, Peter wants to encourage them of their real identity and their home in Jesus. What are the words and phrases of Identity that Peter uses.  In what parts of your life do you feel chosen ? In what parts do you feel scattered ? Who are the people who mentor and encourage you in your faith ? Who do you look up to ? What tensions do you…

Following Jesus in a fragmented world : Suggested Meeting format

Meeting format Click on me to get a PDF of this Step 1 : Open by praying together. Step 2: Get someone to read the passage aloud Don’t read in a rush, take your time. Pause at the full stops. When the reading is done, sit still for a minute before the next step Step 3 Questions and Phrases If a word or phrase stood out to you when the passage was being read-share the word or phrase (but don’t explain).
If you have a question that has come up, share that question. As people share their questions get someone to note them down, but don’t answer them yet. Step 4 : Get someone to read the passage again. Step 5…

Biblical Theology: A taster

A DVD series with Dr Rod Thompson. Contains twelve 20 minute presentations exploring the unity and diversity of the Scriptures. Laidlaw College. Walking the Emmaus Road, Noah lies drunk in his tent, Abram and Sarai: blessings to the world, Israel at Sinai. Ehud and Eglon, Elisha and the bears, Psalms – five books in one, resurrection. The journey to Jerusalem, Paul and empire visions, the enemies of Christians, David and Mephibosheth 4 DVDs


Nooma: Lump By Rob Bell. We can get anything we want, from anywhere in the world, whenever we want it. That’s how it is and that’s how we want it to be. DVD and question booklet

The Psalmists Cry

A look to the Psalms for guidance to embracing lament. Moments when we need to honestly cry out to God in ways and words not generally accepted by our society. A guide to help move past our denial, honestly engaging our lament and arriving at genuine praise. By Walter Brueggemann with Steve Frost. DVD and workbook

The New Normal

Fourteen short stories on churches and faith communities reaching out to their neighbours and transforming a city after the Christchurch earthquakes. To raise awareness and provoke new thinking on mission. DVD

The Good Lives Project

Good Lives Project (Tearfund) An experiment of faith in action. This seven-part small group study seeks to help us live more responsibly in everything from personal and family finances to day-to-day practices. In the words of the Apostle Paul, it is an attempt to ‘conform no longer to the present pattern of the world’ (Romans 12:2). It suggests commitments that can be made personally or as a household or family, in the areas of consumption, work and leisure, giving, environment, debt, and investments.  A series of Booklets (no Video material)

Towards Belief

Leading Christian thinkers defuse the belief blockers of our time. More than 30 leading authors, speakers and apologists are interviewed as they seek to defuse the top belief blockers to Christian faith: suffering, the Bible, supernatural, religious violence, exclusive faith, church abuse and other topics. Erwin McManus, Amy Orr-Ewing, John Dickson, Nicky Gumbel, John Lennox and more. DVD and discussion guide

Jesus the Game Changer

How the life and teaching of Jesus changed the world and why it matters. In this series, host Karl Faase travels to the UK, USA, Singapore, India and Australia interviewing authors, academics and modern-day game changers about how the life and teaching of Jesus changed the world and why it matters. 2 DVDs

Beginning in Christ Together

Take the next step in living a life of purpose and community. This DVD series helps use discussions to take your small group to the next level of intimacy and growth.  Leader Lifters – Pre-session leaders training Creative Elements – Personal stories,interviews and music videos related to the weekly topic Dynamic Teaching – Featuring well known teachers Worship Music – Maranatha songs, together with lyrics and uplifting video images