Mark 1:14-20 Called

How is John’s declaration of the Kingdom of God and of repentance different to Jesus’  ?
Not many of us experience the immediate and complete life change that Peter has when he begins following Jesus.  He is dragged out of his comfortable world and ends up confronting economic, social, political and spiritual  forces much bigger than him.
He is invited to learn of a kingdom which has very different values to our own.
Why would he accept the invitation ?
Imagine that you are approached by Jesus to go on the road and give up your house, family, occupation for 3 years, with no promise of money or a career path ?
What would it be difficult to give up ?
What would be the rewards ?


Latter on in 1 & 2 Peter, peter reflects on being called :
1 Peter 1:2,15, 2:4,9,20-21,3:8-9
What do you notice about peter’s call ?
In Mark two sets of brothers get called the same way
  1. Jesus is on the way somewhere
  2. Jesus sees them
  3. He calls them
  4. and they drop everything to follow him.
Take turns telling your story with this template.  Make sure you listen.


If Carragavio painted you ? How would your hands be ? What might you be holding on to ? Who might be watching ?
Peter will be called outside the normal rules of society to it’s margins.  Is there any sense of this in your life ?

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