ParkWHAT? – 40 Hour Famine


The Challenge was to live out of a backpack for 40 hours….what the 14 girls that came didn’t realise was that they would also walk the equivalent of a half marathon…with all their gear! This year World Vision  40 Hour Famine turned its attention to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Our goal was to raise was to raise $2500 so that World Vision could resource an entire class room! It was ambitious and we gave it our all.  We even sat outside the local supermarket asking for donations…thank you to those who gave so generously!!

We made just over $1600 and even though we fell short of the goal we are proud that we have made a difference in our world. Throughout the 40 hours we spent together we had times of reflection, walking, journalling, walking, being cold and hungry, walking and watching some of the videos World Vision has created as resources for this year. Below is a comment written by one of the girls who took part:

“I caught myself wondering ‘Why God?’ but it should be ‘Why man?’ It breaks my heart to see all this suffering at the hands of other humans.

Do they have no compassion? Do they not see or care what they are doing when they drop bombs?

Innocent children don’t need to die.”


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