The QWERTY prayer – (at work)

The QWERTY Prayer  is based on the familiar qwerty keyboard layout.

Q = Quiet. Take a moment to qui- eten yourself. Sit in a comfortable position and take three deep breaths focusing on the movement of air in and out of your body. In this quite moment invite God to be with you and guide you.

W = Work. Begin by praying about your work overall. Thank God for your work and ask him to bless and guide what you do. Express your concerns about your work and ask for any help you need.

E = Employees. Think about the people involved: colleagues and clients. What can you pray about regarding them? Who are you concerned about and what are their needs?

R = Resource. Pray about what kind of contribution your organisation makes to the World. In what way are you a resource and a help to others? What resources does you organisa- tion need?

T = Task. Think about the tasks fac- ing your organisation for the rest of the day or in the immediate future. Ask God to watch over these speci – cally.

Y = You. What would you like God’s help with? What would you like to thank God for regarding your work? 

(text extracted from the Theology of Work Website)

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