An Alphabetical Prayer

Written by the community at Parklands last Sunday and incorporated into our worship

You are a God Who …

Is an amazing, accepting, awesome, affirming, adoring, Abba Father.
Blesses us in bold ways, bring us home and gave us the beatitudes.
Is caring, cuddly, cares for His children, community, church, city, cars and cats. He is Christ and He celebrates Christmas and loves carols and card. He also can eat cookies and ice-cream constantly, courageously and can concourse the whole container. Is caring and cool Christ.
Is a divinely devoted Dad who deliberately died for us and delivered us into a dynamic destiny.
Is exciting and exuberant in extending grace, eagerly encouraging, exhaustive in your excellence, engages with us in extraordinary ways and elevates the lowly.
Forgives, is forever faithful., finds the lost and hungry, is a friend of sinners, can be fun to be with, enjoys our fellowship, will forever be praised and loved, is our Father.
Glorified and great, gracious, gentle and giving.
Hugs, is Holy, became human, a real sacrifice, hallowed be Your name, one has abundant, everlasting love, and always hears us.
Is interested in us, infinite in His love, invincible, incredible, Immanuel – God with us, immeasurable love.
Brings joy and justifies us through Jesus.
Is King, who shows kindness, all knowing and holds the key to everlasting life.
Loves unconditionally, loves long term, looks to those in need, listens to, longs to live, listen and love the lost and lonely long term, never leaves.
Is marvellous, makes us right with Himself, is mighty and does mighty works, is a mate, maker of miracles, ministers loving grace, is meek, made a magnificent world.
Opens the opportunities to order our lives, is the one and only God, orchestrates options of life.
Promises to never leave us nor forsake us, promises peace that surpasses all understanding and our circumstances, prepares a place for us for eternity, provides grace and mercy anew every morning.
Is quick to forgive, who never quits and who quietens our fears.
Gives rest to the weary, redeems us, rescues the lost, reveals truth, rules the earth, really, really, really awesome.
Super Saviour, Sent His son to SOS (save our souls), supercolourfragalisticxpedadotious, so cool, so splendid, supreme, superior, special.
Terrifically turns over our troubles, is our tower against the tempest, lived a tremendous life, thoughtful creator, the Way the Truth the Life.
Unceasingly, undeniably and unexplainably forgives undeserving urchins, uttermost, ultimate, unique, understand (says it in the bible), Uni-God.
Very vibrantly, victorious, who fills us with vigour.
… (and some more..)

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