Good Sam ? Great Sam

Read Luke 10: 25-37

We’re jumping forward to involve children church. 

(Did you enjoy the drama ?)

Many of us are familiar with this story that Jesus tells. In it there are three groups of people who react to the victim.

Group 1 ) The robbers 

They believe “Your Stuff is My Stuff” and will use force to take it. Their T-shirts say “Here to hurt”.   Most of us like to think we are not like them. We do sometimes have people we want to hurt or to have bad stuff happen to. 

Group 2) The Passersby.

They believe that their stuff is their stuff and they stand apart wearing T-shirts saying “Here to hold”. Their goal is to hold on to what is theirs. To help is to risk that.  We’re often found in this place, particularly in response to what can feel like overwhelming need.

Group 3 ) The Good Samaritan.

He/She believes that “My Stuff is your stuff” and is willing to give of his own time and resources to help. He/She wears a T-shirt saying “ere to help”

Which are you – No really. Each of us plays multiple roles. We are all sometimes victims needing help. We are all tempted to each role. Clearly the Good samaritan is the role chrisitans are called to.

We love how quickly these story takes place. The bandage, and guide and feed the victim overnight is great. How would it be if the timeframe was longer ? 1 week ? 1 Month ? 5 years?  Why does time make a difference ?

I have found myself wondering if sometimes we blow this by speeding. Acting faster than the victim wants. What do you think ?

What other issues further complicate matters ? Dependancy ? 

Around us at any one time there are people needing help. Ask God to highlight people around you, living or working nearby, friends and relatives. Ask God’s Holy Spirit to highlight someone, or some people near you in your life that you sense God might be prompting you to build a relationship with.  What role are you taking ? What’s the next step ? What kind of timeframe (Speed) might this take ?

Each of us also hold hurts and places where we have been the victim. Try being still for a minute, notice the thoughts and feelings that bubble up ?

Pray and ask God to be present. Ask God to highlight the possible helpers nearby.

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