Discussion Questions for Sunday 13th


(remember these are prompts for discussion, some will work, and others won’t). 

Today Sarah got baptised. 

Do you remember when you were baptised (if you have been). Do you remember why you got baptised ? What was it like for you ?

If you hadn’t got baptised and wanted to, would your reasons be the same ? 

Sarah told some of her testimony.

If you found yourself standing in front of some people, and were asked why you follow Jesus or why are you a christian ? What would you say ? 

Take turns. 

Life Death and resurrection :

Baptism links us with the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  It says we die with Jesus and we rely on Jesus’s resurrection life. (read Col 2:12-14 or Rom 6:4-6)

How do you feel about dying and resurrection ?


There is an association between baptism and cleansing.  (Check out Acts 22:12-16)

For reflection : Do you need a wash (is it worth confessing to Jesus where you feel you might not be so ‘clean’). Maybe pray a prayer of confession based on 1 john 1:9 (1 John 1:9 (NIV) If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.)

Trusting Jesus

One writer says “Baptism is the end of religion and self-effort. “ Because it’s trusting in what Jesus did, not what you do. This makes your life about grace. Does that annoy you ? Thrill you? Comfort you ?  This of course applies to other people. Does that annoy you? Thrill you ?Comfort you ?

Different Traditions 

There are variations in how church traditions baptise people. One writer says” These different strands belong together. We find them all in Acts, where baptism is sometimes seen as the agency of salvation (Acts 2:38), sometimes as the seal of faith (16:31-33) and sometimes as the sovereign anointing of the Holy Spirit (10:44-48). The Catholics are right to see baptism as the objective mark of Gods great rescue achieved on Calvary, to which we can make no contribution or addition. The Baptists are right to see in baptism a personal response, in repentance and faith, to the grace of God. The Pentecostals are right to see baptism as the way we are ushered into the world of the Spirit. Baptism is as deep and broad as the salvation of which it is the sacrament.”

Which of these are you most used to ?  what is your quick response to this ? What is your slow response ?

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