Week 4 : Had Enough ? Living Generously

Moving from ‘had enough’ to I have enough

What trips/adventures have you had that have gone pear shaped ?

How did you get in trouble, how did you get out ?

Lament : It’s been 2 years of Covid…What are you tired of ? In the Psalms it’s perfectly acceptable to complain to God about the stuff we hate. Make a list of things that grieve you.  Write them down – turn them into a prayer – acknowledging them to God.

Exodus:  In Exodus : 14:11, 15:24, 16:3, 17:3 the people grumble. They don’t yet know who Yahweh is.  Why do you think God allowed them to be in need ? In each case there is a miraculous response. Did that stop them grumbling ? 

Have you ever run out of money ? Lived without an income ? Wondered how you would survive ? What was that like ? 

Did people provide ?

How nervous about the future are you ? Which of these things make you worry about the future ? Inflation ? War ? Covid ? Unemployment ? Climate Change ? retirement ? Other ?

Jesus seems to draw a distinction between coming to Jesus for what he provides, and coming to Jesus because of who he is.  Jesus re-points them at God, not the task.

Reflect : Pause and consider why you come to Jesus ?

In John 6 Jesus uses an active verb to talk about the Father in heaven who ‘gives’.

What has God given you ?

What has God used you to give to others ?

How are our lives different : “If we believe we don’t have enough ?” or if we believe God will give us more than enough ?

What does that look like in your life ?

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