Pay Attention to the light.

The metaphor of Light and darkness is used a lot in the bible, at creation and beyond. 

Light is more relational than we think ?

In 1 John 1:5-7 John reckons there’s something deeply relational to walking in the light. He goes further in 1 John 2:9.   How or why do you think that light might be so relational ? Why would hating someone affect light ? Can you think of an example.

Light reveals what’s there – trust it.

Colin told the story of dealing with bribes ? Have you any experience of this ? When have you prayed for the light to reveal something hidden.  Note that John suggests that we also have hidden stuff to confess.

Light as a barrier.

The pharisees thought they had control of access to the light. Jesus’s constant response seems to have been to include those that were being excluded – as if to say “This light is for you”. What might that look like for us ? Do we ever behave that way ?


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