Matthew 25 The start

We’re being challenged to take part in the matt 25 challenge with world vision. Have a go.

Jesus told three types of stories. Stories of the Kingdom of God (which grows because of God not us), Stories of grace (I suspect because we struggle to understand this) and Stories of Judgement. The stories found in Matt 25 are stories of Judgement and I think they need to be read while holding the other stories in mind. 

If we tend to lean towards judgement it maybe worth reminding ourselves that when Jesus quotes isaiah 61 in Luke 4:18-19, he stops before the judgement. It’s not that judgement won’t happen, but this was the time for it.

There’s a story of brides maids waiting for a bridegroom (with slowly failing phone batteries), A businessman who leaves his employees with money to invest, and lastly the son of man returning and sorting out the sheep and the goats.

In each of these stories there are some themes.

1 ) They all start with everyone included at the beginning. No-one is kicked out who wasn’t already in.

2 ) The main character is absent and there is surprise about the timing of his return.  In this way the stories encourage us not to delay acting. 

3 ) Each of the stories seem to say “Do something now”. 

The 3rd story is most explicit as it seems to say the do something is measured more in terms of “Do something for the poor, marginalised, imprisoned”…

What do you think about these three points ?  

When looking to act globally we have to partner with agencies.

    What agencies do you trust ? Why ?

Our culture puts a high value on our comfort. These stories put value else where. What does that mean for us ?

What could you do this week that might embody this.

    (Hint : Perhaps the matt 25 challenge might help)





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