Plow : The first 3 beattitudes

There are three triplets that start the sermon on the mount.  Instead of speaking to the rich and powerful, at the temple or governor’s palace. Jesus speaks the crowd of people who have followed him.

Flourishing are the poor in spirit because the kingdom of heaven is theirs.

Flourishing are the mourners because they will be comforted.

Flourishing are the humble because they will inherit the world,


Is this upside down ?

What would it be like to be poor, and hear this ?

Does Jesus live this out ? (read Philippians 2:5-10)

If Jesus’ talk is revolutionary – what is the difference in this kind of revolution ? 

As an experiment : Try writing the opposite of the three verses matt 5:3-5

Poor in spirit : Read Matt 5:3. Spirit can be used to describe ‘life energy’. Who is poor in life energy.  Luke simply says “Poor”.  Colin suggested that people in this position are not entrenched in the systems of the time.  How might being powerless help you see differently ?  Have you ever lived with the poor ?  Was there joy there ? 

Mourning : (Matt 5:4)To mourn is to have loved. How do you approach mourning ? When did you last cry ? How might being here lead to being comforted ?

Humble/Meek :(Matt 5:5). How have you observed the meek get on. What is the opposite of meek ? Do you own land ? how would this sound to someone who doesn’t ? Would would a kingdom be like if it belonged to the proud and the pushy.

Showcar Lives and Rusty lives.

Why might it matter that Jesus starts by telling people who are hard done by, hurt and powerless that their positions have value.  In what ways do you try to show people a ‘showcar’ life ?

For reflection, what are the parts of your life that you try to hide. What is God doing there… Why might it matter that God works both inside out and outside in ?

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