Sermon on the Mount – From murder to Reconciliation

What are street lights for ?   

M att 5:21-26.  This is the 1st of 6 examples Jesus uses to unpack what the Jesus way is like.  if you want to get some context, look at the first murder story (Cain and Abel) in Gen 4.


What does God say is lurking at the door ?

Each example says “You have heard is said”… and but I say to you. Jesus starts with murder, but quickly moves to what is inside. 

When were you last angry ? What did you do ? Have you ever experienced road rage ?


Jesus moves on to give three examples : You are angry with someone, You insult someone, or you call someone fool. Each has a harsh consequence. (there is debate about the burning Gehenna verse), And then Jesus says – If someone has a problem with you go and be reconciled. Is anger the problem still. No, now it’s relational.


Read 1 Cor 5:17-19

Does Jesus say if you have a problem with someone ? Or does he say if someone has a problem with you. How relational is this ?

Read john 21:15-19. This is Jesus reconciling Peter.

What would this look like in your life ?

Do you have any stories of reconcilation to share ?

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