A bigger table

When Paul writes about church he emphasises our connection with each other (1 cor 12-14, 1 cor 12:27-31) and talks about the nature of the love that weaves us together. In Romans 1:12 Paul talks of “that you and I maybe mutually encouraged by each others faith”. This is one of the core functions of church. 

We explored three aspects of this:

  The table of being Loved (being together): (When were you last aware of how much God loves you ?)


A deeper table (Growing together) : Colin suggested that in the West we tend to think this is an individual’s job – a kind of DIY,

but that instead it’s God who transforms us, using life, faith and community. 

Spiritual transformation takes place incrementally over time with others in the context of disciplines and practices that open us to God. – Ruth Haley Barton.  We can’t transform ourselves, but we can create the conditions in which spiritual transformation takes place.

What are the kind of conditions for a community that help that transformation ?
   Colin suggested that acceptance, honesty and love were crucial in this ?

We paused and reflected on who our honest accountable relationships were with. 

Lastly we looked at a ‘bigger table’ (together seeking gospel renewal).

We paused and reflected on the specific people we sensed that God was calling us to draw alongside. It would be good to pray for them together.






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