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 What do you think is a prophet ?

(read Deut 8:18)

Colin suggested that a prophet is someone

– who speaks truth (god’s truth) to power

– whose life lines up with their words.

A bible dictionary described prophets as those who conveys direct and specific information from God addressing a particular situation. Do you have a better definition.

Can you think of anyone that you would regard as a contemporary prophet ? If so who ? and why ?

John the Baptist was prophet – Read Luke 3:2-18

We know he wore rough clothing, his disciples fasted and he ate honey and locusts. His was a harsh discipleship. 

What did he say about people – (Vipers ? Trees ?)

What did he say about the coming messiah (Fire ? Winnowing fork?)

What does John say about Judgement

At the end of last week’s passage – after Jesus had raised a widow’s son from death – people were figured he must be a prophet (See 1 king 17,& 2 Kings 4 for similar prophet stories) Luke 7:16-17

But is Jesus like John ? John is wondering this. By this stage he is likely to be in prison and he sends two of his followers to Jesus to ask if he is the one. (Luke 7:18-20)

Read Luke 7:21-23. (How does this line up with Luk 4:18-19)?

How is this different to what John expected ?  

What does Jesus say about judgement ?

What does Jesus say about the Poor ?

Jesus then talks to the crowds – Read Luke 7:24-28. The reference to a reed swaying in the wind is likely a caricature of Herod Antipas (Herod had reeds printed on his coins), as is the man dressed in expensive clothes in a palace.x

Luke notes that Jesus’s words are polarising – Those who were sympathetic to John heard them one way, and those who were not heard them another. 

Then He suggests that people are like kids playing in the playground, but out of sync.  Crying when it’s time to laugh and vice versa.

How out of sync are we ?

One of the differences between John and Jesus is that Jesus is very focused on the poor.  (Read Isaiah 1:16-17).  

When are we called to be prophets ?  And about what ?

And what about when we disagree ?

Talk about theses suggestions, and make your own.

  • Creation care (Climate change )
  • Living Wage
  • Workers Rights
  • Employers rights
  • Homelessness
  • Health Care
  • ?

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