Breaking News – Covid update

Services live streamed on at Welcome to the world of Self Isolation.  Don’t isolate yourself from God.All our meetings are suspended for now.  However this is a great time to pick up the phone and call a friend. Physical distancing is good.. Isolation is not good for us. We’ll be exploring the best ways to keep connections with one another.  This is all part of caring for others, and the followers of Jesus are always onboard for that. Keep checking our website.  

We’ve moved!

We have started meeting on Sundays 10:30 at Queenspark Primary School (222 Queenspark drive).

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Kia Ora  There is a mix of people at Parklands and we seek to make people feel welcome and comfortable and included in what we do.   We pretty passionate about knowing God’s love and expressing that in how we live. Our main Service is at 10:30 on Sunday Mornings.  We’re just in the process of fixing our earthquake damaged building, so we have begun meeting at 222 Queenspark Drive (Queenspark Primary School).   The rest of the week we have offices at 180 Queenspark Drive and run some events in either our community hall, or in a local sports club.  The Church Office is open: Tuesday – Friday 9 am – Midday Phone: (03) 383-1356 Fax: (03) 383-1349 180…

Time on your hands

Clearly lots of people will have time on our hands in time. We figured it might be timely to put up resources that might feed our souls and our minds at the same time. Really not sure how we will work it, but as your scroll down you’ll see resources and and questions to mull over. We would love your suggestions or comments NT Wrights Course “Surprised by Hope is available free for the next 14 days

Following Jesus in a Fragmented world (Week 4)

Link to PDF here Paul has explained how we are to live: as people who show respect to those around us, even to those who disrespect us, mock us, or make us feel on the outside. That is who we actually are -those on the outside. We are the people who no longer participate in the way that the world lives. We are the strange ones (4:4) that live by a different standard. Have you felt on the ‘outside’? The New York columnist, David Brooks, says that we live within a culture of the ‘Big Me’. This is characterised by statements like: Follow your passion… Don’t accept limits… Chart your own course… Live your Dream… It is easy to hook…

Following Jesus in a fragmented world (Part 3) 1 Peter 2:11-3:12

These notes in PDF form Peter has established that we are chosen, exiles and foreigners, that we are priests, and that our lives are completely tied up with Jesus. So now he wants to address how we live.  What is our relationship to the organisations of power and people around us who do not share our faith.  His answer seems to be respect. Most of us get quite upset when we feel we are not being respected. When was the last time you felt that you weren’t respected ? Peter writes “Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves. Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers,…

Following Jesus in a fragmented world (Week 2)

1 Peter 1:13-2:10 Discussion Notes For a PDF of this click on this link  This table is taken from “Faith for Exiles”. Jerusalem Babylon monoreligious pluralistic homogeneous diverse slower paced life frenetic accelerated Life central control open Source sweet and simple complex and bittersweet idols: Religious pride / false piety idols : fitting in/ not missing out The two columns describe the world of Jerusalem  of these columns seem like today’s world to you ?  How do you feel about your answer ?  “Only God is Holy, just as only people are human. God’s holiness is God’s Godness. To speak of anything else as holy is to say that it has something of God’s mark upon it.” – Buechner Does this help…

Following Jesus in a fragmented world Week 1 (1 Peter 1:1-12)

Discussion Notes Click on me for PDF for small groups Peter writes to a wide variety of people across a series of different places. He doesn’t focus on their age, class, race or background, but on that they are both chosen and exiled (scattered). In a land that is not their own, Peter wants to encourage them of their real identity and their home in Jesus. What are the words and phrases of Identity that Peter uses.  In what parts of your life do you feel chosen ? In what parts do you feel scattered ? Who are the people who mentor and encourage you in your faith ? Who do you look up to ? What tensions do you…

Following Jesus in a fragmented world : Suggested Meeting format

Meeting format Click on me to get a PDF of this Step 1 : Open by praying together. Step 2: Get someone to read the passage aloud Don’t read in a rush, take your time. Pause at the full stops. When the reading is done, sit still for a minute before the next step Step 3 Questions and Phrases If a word or phrase stood out to you when the passage was being read-share the word or phrase (but don’t explain).
If you have a question that has come up, share that question. As people share their questions get someone to note them down, but don’t answer them yet. Step 4 : Get someone to read the passage again. Step 5…

Appy Prayer

There are some helpful phone apps that are designed to prompt you for daily prayer. Three of note are Lectio365 , BiOY (Bible in one Year) and Pray as you Go Each has a daily set of readings and prayer prompts, each can read the prayer to you, each provides space for you. Check them out.