Making your small group work

This is Small group material aimed helping leaders and groups create healthy small groups. There are four main sessions and bunch of clips that help address things like active listening, prayer, giving and receiving feedback, calling out the best in others and more.

  • Session One: Getting Connected—God’s Purpose for Small Groups. Provides a foundational experience that helps group members get excited about the adventure and life-changing power of small group life.
  • Session Two: Five Habits of Life-Changing Groups. Provides training on the five most important habits of any small group–Care, Safety, Authenticity, Growth and Help. These five habits are essential to a great small group.
  • Session Three: Setting Ground Rules.  This session unpacks each of the five key values through in-depth teaching and practical examples.
  • Session Four: Determining Your Group’s Purpose. This session helps you answer the three most important questions in determining your group’s purpose.

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