A DVD designed to start spiritual conversations.

Made in Singapore, it’s in English with some chinese and subtitles in english, Traditional Chinese and simplified.

A film is a story of heart. Stories inspire us, challenge us, make us cry and makes us laugh. Stories help us understand this world we live in. They also raise questions in us;  who am I? why am I here? Is there a God? Stories help us to make sense of this journey we find ourselves in.

Heart 2 Heart is a collection of seven short films – seven stories of the heart. Inside is a film guide with discussion for each film, Watch a film, have a look at the questions. do it on your won or better yet, grab a few friends and have a lively discussion. Get to know each other, get to know your stories.

What’s inside

  • 7 short films on DVD
  • MPEG-4 versions of each short film
  • Film guide with questions for discussion
  • Subtitles: English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
1. Take a look at me
Can you see though your disguise
5. Shoes Anonymous
Painful familiarity Vs comfort of the unknown
2. Sticky Affair
One man’s journey through chewing gum addiction
6. Fool’s Journey
Sometimes being average just isn’t enough
3. 今天不回家 (Not Going Home tonight
What does it take to realise you are loved?(in Mandarin)
7. Distortions
Is what you see really what you get?
4. Showhand
The price of a pyramid

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