Dream Team : Mark 3:7-19

Read Mark 3:7-19

This week Jesus picks his dream team. Have any of you ever played a fantasy football game, or picked your unique special team ? What was it like ?  if you were picking the 15 best all blacks ever who would you choose ?

Jesus – being God has the ability to pick anyone as his followers. How come he picks these guys ?

Two argue some brothers, Peter who often seems like not he sharpest knife on the rack and one of them will betray him. What was Jesus thinking ? If Jesus picks people like this, he might even pick someone like me.

Why do you follow Jesus ? (If you do ?)

That’s really the topic for discussion this week ?

What answers would you give ?

Have some cracks at answering this question.

Some Biblical Answers (kind of )

I’d like to but first I have to bury my father (Luke 10:59)

I’d like to but I’m well off, and Jesus is asking to me to give it up ? (Matthew 19:16)

Do I have to pick up my cross ? (matthew 16:24)

Because he knocked me off my high horse (Paul of Tarsus)

Because I recognise his voice (Like a sheep in John 10)

because to whom else could I go (John 6:67-69)

Some other answers

Because Jesus loves me (Karl Barth)

Because I love him (Anne Lamott)

I follow Jesus because… “he’s my best (and unchanging) friend…he died for ME on the cross and opened the way to God my father – he’s just awesome!” – (anon)

I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see – John Newton

If you completely get stuck you could go to the webpage http://www.iamsecond.com for some other responses.

What’s your answer ?

That’s enough to talk about, but if you get stuck you could try discussing  why people don’t follow Jesus, or why sometimes you make another choice.

Turn your conversation into prayer.

After praying, you could discuss how we can best support each other in our following  and how we can find words that are easy to talk about why we do what we do.

Have a good discussion.



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