ParkWhat? Celebration Dinner

Every year we get dressed up and have a great night celebrating the year. This year we jumped on board a double decker bus and headed for a restaurant.  The youth community has never looked so fine! Young men and women dressed for a night of celebration, great food and great company. Throughout the night we remembered some of the lighter moments of the year – from drinking too much milk (Nick) or trying to explain a complex situation by including chocolate (A.J.). There were the more serious moments recognising God’s work among the youth community throughout the year.

This was also Annette and Simon’s last event.  After eight years at Parklands Baptist they are moving on to different things next year. It made the night the little bit more special and the photo booth was awesome fun and has given Annette and Simon a great reminder of the night and the young people at ParkWhat? in 2016.

Checkout some of the photos from the night….

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