What’s that Smell

What’s that Smell ?

Icebreaker – What kind of Smells can you remember ? Flowers, Freshly cut grass, ground coffee ?

What memories go with those smells ?

Read Luke 7:36-50.

Simon : Simon has invited Jesus over, but done none of the things one would normally do for a guest. This is like bowling into a marae without a welcome. It’s rude. Why is simon inviting him over and bring rude do you think ?

When the perfume is poured – Simon’s response is all facts and judgement.  What does he think a prophet should do ?  When Jesus tells his story about debtors, which one is Simon ?

The Woman:  the woman who is a sinner, cries, uses her tears to wash Jesus’ feet, and her hair (read 1 cor 11:15 to see how long hair was valued at the time). And then perfumes his feet.

She says nothing – and Jesus Jesus forgives her . Why ? What does Jesus say she has shown him ? 

Jesus : Will pour out his life, will cry, will pour out his blood for the forgiveness of sins. Understands sacrifice.  Show great love.

What about us ?

Imagine you had a year off, what would you do that could be an offering to Jesus?  

Think creatively, don’t worry about constraints, dream a little.

What if it was a month ?

(Note many of us get a month off each year as leave)

Think about this last week ? How did it smell ? What kind of actions  did you do that were an offering to Jesus ? What might have stinketh a little ?

What could you do  this week that would be a sweet smelling offering to Jesus ? Look at your week with more detail

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