Sunday 19th April Service

An Intro

Kim leads us in Prayer

Morgan leads family time

Phil and Isaac have an all age Exodus related song for us 

A message/reflection from Exodus 3 from Colin

Click here for notes and discussion questions for the message

Sarah and Josh wrote a stunning song for Easter camp
Home grown Oceans – to sing along to
Good Good Father – to sing along to

This weeks reading Schedule

1st weekscheme for Exodus
Hearing God’s CallWeek 1Exodus 3:1-17
Monday 20th April1:1–22
Tuesday 21st April2:1–25
Wednesday 22rd April3:1 – 4:17
Thursday 23th April4:18–31
Friday 24th April5:1–21
Saturday 25th April5:22 – 7:7 

Here are some Bubble discussion notes

Week 1 : Responding to God’s Call
Some prompts for small group/Bubble discussion after reading Exodus 3:1-17 together.

1 ) Curiosity – Moses has this encounter because he first notices and then is curious about something he sees ? Has that happened to you ? What has there been that has sparked your curiosity that has led to a spiritual encounter ?

2 ) According to a survey in England of ordinary people 75% people claimed to have had a ‘life changing spiritual encounter’. That’s 3 out of 4. Does this apply to you ? Each share an encounter (no pressure if you can’t recall). Do you think that might apply to your neighbours ? What about your co-workers ? Listen to the words you use to describe encounters.

3 ) Moses gets given a task/calling. It’s part of what makes his call life changing. What do you think you are on earth for ? How is it going ?

4 ) Moses is commissioned to lead his people out of injustice. What are the injustices we might be part of leading people out of ? (Hint : not an easy question).

5) When Moses is given this task he feels inadequate and unsuitable. When did you last feel that way ? What are some of the reasons we give for this ? How does God respond to Moses’ feelings of anxiety?

Extra homework ?

Watch the Bible Project on Exodus (Part 1 ) and (Part 2)

In Exodus 2:23-25 It describes the Jews’ tough situation, and uses 4 verbs to describe what God’s response is . What are they? Check some different versions. What might it mean if those verbs were God’s response to our current situations.

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