10th May 2020 Service

Kia Ora,

This is the service for 10th of May Mothers day.

Some Songs to sing to




Exodus Readings

Becoming God’s people Week 4  Exodus 19:1-6 & 20:1-17
Monday 11th May  Exodus 19:1–25  
Tuesday 12th May  Exodus 20:1–26  
Wednesday 6th May  Exodus 21:1–36  
Thursday 7th May  Exodus 22:1–31  
Friday 8th May  Exodus 23:1–33  
Saturday 9th May  Exodus 24

Notes for Life Groups/Bubbles

Read – Exodus 19:1–6 and 20:1–17

If you could make one rule what would be it ?I

Read Genesis 12:1-3 and Exodus 19:6. What is God’s plan in selecting one person and people group from among the nations.

In Exodus 20 There is one claim and 10 commandments.  Do you think the commandments make sense without the claim ? Why ? Why not ?

Colin suggested that commandments are designed to make the Israelites different.  One of the differences is that the claim, and the first 4 commandments are all about how we relate to the Lord as the one God.

“These commandments  restored to the Israelites all that slavery in Egypt had damaged and destroyed – freedom from pagan gods, freedom to work with dignity and take time off, freedom to maintain proper family relationships , freedom to construct a framework of law and order, freedom to own houses and livestock and honour the ownership of others: -“Billington.

What would it be like to a be a slave for iife and then to be set free ? How would the commandments affect how you tried to live . 

Which of the commandments do you find most  challenging /difficult ?

Malcolm talked about the human need to work – how have you noticed this during the lock down period ? Do you feel encouraged about what you have achieved ? 

What about rest ? Has this been a time of rest ?

How are you getting  on at not wanting your neighbours stuff ?

Read Hebrews 12:18-29. What contrasts does the write to the Hebrews draw between the experience of the people of God at Sinai and our experience as people of the new covenant in Christ ?

How can you put Jesus at the centre in your life ? What do you do that is different as a follower of Jesus to those who are not ?

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