Whakarongo – Discussion questions

Icebreaker : Have you ever had a GPS lead you astray ? What happened ?

NZBMS suggest that we need to return to listening. They asked us to read Isaiah 43.

Remember they are an exiled people. For them everything has gone wrong. 

Together read from Isaiah 42:18-20 (What can we be blind to ?)

Read Isaiah 43 : 1- 13. There are promises to the hearer about

   1 ) who they are and

   2 ) what God does.

 Which bits strike you ?    Notice v8.  

What would it be like to be blind but asked to bring out blind and deaf people ? Why might God ask people who don’t see clearly to help others who don’t see clearly ?

Read Isaiah 43:18-21 – for a desert people what is this promising ? 

Chris Wright says ” 

The bible is not just an object of study, but the thing we live in.

We don’t just apply the bible to my life, but how can I apply my life to the bible
as a participant in it’s great story. 

If this is how Isaiah 43 works ? How does it fit with our role in God’s great story ?



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