Living into the promise.

On Sunday we explored some of Abram and Sarai’s story (they’ll get renamed as Abraham and Sarah).   Abram and Sarai have been given a promise of a future (in gen 12:3). Turns out it’s not always easy to lean into that. What they experience is that Sarai continues to be barren. We explored where Abram chooses a path of deception (Gen 12:10-20) and where he and Sarai try an ‘alternative arrangement’ (gen Ch 16).   In each of these cases they choose to live against the promise that had been made to them. In both cases they struggled to believe that God could do what he promised and let things unfold.    We noticed a theologian who said that Abram’s calling was to live in an economy of promise.

The link to our world was that we too are promised futures ?  Discuss : What are those futures going to be like ? 

What makes it hard for us to live into that promise ? 

What might help us to trust and live into God’s promise of  future ?

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