The Good Life

Did you/do you ever look at other people and think they are   living the good life? If so, what was it, what is it ?

There are four themes highlighted in this message

Changes (Change is coming)

Matthew links Jesus with the life of Moses. Can you remember any of the links ?  (Hint answers on our webpage notes)

Matthew also quotes Isaiah promising a change coming ? What were changes ? (Matt 4:14-16). Jesus then asks people to change because the kingdom of heaven has come near. How does he ask them to change ?

Are you open to the possibility that you might change during this series ?

Foundations (build your life well)

Got any foundation stories to share ? (earthquake stories acceptable)

Matt 7: 24-28 read the story (and sing the sunday school song if you know it).

Jesus’ story highlights the importance of foundations… What does he want people who hear/read this sermon to do ?

If god wants us to build our lives on good foundations are there any portions of your life where you think the foundations are sketchy ?  – Talk with god about that.

Flourishing (Does God want us to flourish ?)

“the word blessed or blessed is totally unhelpful here.” – Tim Mackie (the bible project).

Three different recent translations use  1) “Wonderful news for the”, “The good life belongs to” , “Flourishing are the”. How do you feel about these translations. Does God want us to live ‘the good life’ ? Does God want us to flourish ? Do you feel like you are flourishing ?

Read Romans 12:1-2, Matt 11:28-29.

Whole (all of us/me)

Matt 5:48 is often translated as “perfect”. We tend to think of this as being without fault. Scholars more recently think is better translated as “whole” or complete. The sermon on the mount continually compares what it is to be ‘whole’ or fractured.  What difference does this make ? How is your journey towards being whole going ?


The Bible project has a year long focus on the sermon on the mount. It’s probably easiest to load their App (Android or Apple )but everything is also available from their website. You can start watching the videos from their website here. They also have a podcast you can subscribe to on apple or spotify.

The Bible society of the U.K. is running a podcast “Rooted” that is walking through the sermon the on mount at the moment

you can subscribe on apple or spotify

Matthew 5–7 with Jonathan PenningtonThere’s an hour long lecture from Jonathan Pennington on youtube.

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