Sower/Seeds/Harvest – Mark 4:1-

Sorry guys I’ve been down with a cold, and so these notes are somewhat limited.

So as an experience in reading the Bible together;

Part 1

Try reading Mark 4:1-9  out loud.

Then stop and spend some time talking about what the story (parable) says.

  • Look at it as if it’s a painting on the wall.
  • What questions come to mind ? (Don’t try to answer all of them).
  • What details do you notice ?
  • Is it about the sower ? The Seeds ? The Harvest ?
  • What do you think ?

Part 2

Now read it again out loud – use it as a mirror to look at yourself.

This time spend some time asking God what this story tells you about yourself.

  • What emotions go on in you when you read it.
  • Do you see yourself as seeds ?
  • or the Sower ? Or the ground ?
  • What kind of ground is your life ?
  • Can you do anything about it ?

Share your impressions, you may want to pray together.

Part 3

Yes – You guessed it. Now read it a third time – this time using the story as a window  to look at our world.

What does this story tell you about family, your workplace, your friends ?


Now you’ve done all that, if you’re feeling frustrated read Mark 1:10-13.  Jesus seems to say that the point of a parable is that some won’t get it !

Does that shock or surprise you ?

Now you have permission to read Jesus’ explanation. You’ll find it in Mark 4:14-20.

Note the irony here. This story actually tells us about how stories like this work ! It’s kind of like the movie Inception – a story within a story about how stories work.

May God grant you wisdom and courage as you read, talk and pray together


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